Why am I so lethargic these days: Horrible

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(Why I am so lethargic these days: Horrible)-Waking up at 6 AM, feeling bored instead of ebullient to open any of the academics or research papers. Then, open my overused PC and start watching Peaky Blinders till noon. From 3 PM, I start watching Ashesh until my brain severely tired by invisible screen radiations and stimulations and around midnight I usually fall asleep in my bed. This is the schedule for my life in recent times.

I cannot start any new learning plan or any research paper. Besides, I felt a mixture of boredom and clumsiness about the study. I still can’t start GRE preparation fully which I should be. Because time is short, everyone is moving from their previous status. But I didn’t find enough energy to pull all the things together.

However, I finished a draft about Neurofibromatosis a rare genetic disease. I am excited about this project, at least from my neuroscience instinct. We are planned to write a research proposal about this absurd type of dysfunction so that we can get enough money to do molecular and computational research on this topic.

Apart from that, Everyday at night I planned for the next day’s tasks and hoped that tomorrow I will obey my routine A to Z. But I couldn’t finish any of those tasks since September 1st. I felt tired and sleepy all the time. I felt I am fading away from everything. This is not life, at least for a man like me. Sometimes I thought about my college life and I clearly saw my tenacity and concentration, But nowadays this part seems missing.

I have to fix these things quickly. Time moves one, so does everybody. No reason to behave like a stoic. Pure Sigh!

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