Book Review: ‘The Kite Runner’

How simply Khaled Hosseini told a complex, painful and an astounding story in his “the kite runner” book with simple manner. Maybe, That’s the sign of a great writer. 

Rating : 5/5

★ Review ★

Two friends ( Amir & Hasan) grew up in Afghanistan and used to popular with kite flying with intense running. They fed breast milk from the same mother. Both of their father were quite good friends back then. That’s way they are more than friend, like half-brother. They grew up together and everything running quite evenly in their childhood.

Midway through the story I hated main character of this story (Amir) because he cowardly betrayed his friend Hasan, even though Hasan never ever give it back. After a terrible incident they were separated, Amir left the country with his father and flew toward USA. He grown up there and married with a beautiful girl named Soraya, even though he couldn’t became a father due to their ‘Unknown infertility’.

Amir eventually became a popular writer & published some best-selling books. After 25 years, death of his father because of cancer, he came back to find his best friend Hasan and miraculously reveled some unknown truth. He found him. But found him & his family in a deadly manner. They were the victim’s of Taliban violence. But, After few day he found a sexually abused boy, who is the only son of Hasan’s, in an Orphanage.

From then, he dreamed about to take him under his shoulder, returned back to the USA and joined with his own family. During this came back journey towards USA, Amir faced lot of troubles and found nostalgic memory

Famous quotes from kite Runner

1. ‘Nothing is free in this world’

2. ‘When you tell a lie, you steal a man’s right to the truth’

3. ‘Times can be greedy things sometimes it steals all the details for itself’

4. ‘Blood is powerful things and when you adopt, you don’t know whose blood you are bringing into your house’

5. ‘That was the thing about kite flying: your mind drifted with the kite’.

6. ‘When you cut your opposition kites: each defeated kite grew hope in your heart, like snow collecting on a wall, one flake at a time’

Weekend Worth reading material indeed.

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