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Story Of The Nobel Prize 2019: ‘Cells can sense & Adapt to Oxygen Availability’

Semenza knew that Hypoxia has a significant role in Anemia, Cancer, Stroke, and Heart diseases. He also elicited how cancer cells hijacked oxygen-sensitive systems to create more blood vessels for their angiogenesis and further metastasis phenomenon. When Greg Semenza did his work aesthetically at Hopkins, Ratcliffe from Oxford and Kaelin from Harvard busy to find their last one answer to embellished their perennial research.

Book Review: ‘The Forty Rules of Love’

Meanwhile, One of Rumi’s adopted daughter named Kimya felt in love with the super-intellect of Shams. She described her affection towards shams to Rumi and within a perplexing situation, (one of Rumi’s son, Aladin, also loved Kimya) Mawlana Rumi arranged their marriage ceremony.