Food Review: ‘Beef Kebab, Beef Chap, and Nun-Grill’

Restaurant Name: Rahmania Plus (Beef Kebab, Chap, Nun Grill)

Rating: 8.5/10

A couple of hours ago I experienced, with my two close friends, one of the delicious food items in the recent past. Basically, We ordered three items in order to exploit the test of those all and overall to measure the food quality of Rahmania Plus restaurant. It was our second-time visit and as we expected the exquisite air condition system was present which we missed in our first approach.

We, A. A. S. (Short Name), ate beef kebab, beef chap, and chicken grill respectively and we found quite a similar test in all three varieties. The taste was crispy, spicy, and yummy despite a reasonable amount of price value.

Beef chap

Cost: 100 takas whole dish. No soft drinks.

In the case of Beef kebab, It was nicely cooked and maintained a well-balanced combination of oil and capsicum flavor. I took Pach Porota with kebab, which was healthy and fresh enough to digest. Besides, mayonnaise and spicy condiment were also provided with distinct blocks within a single dish. The chef of the restaurant perfectly maintained the best possible hygiene condition of each food item. However, there were no soft drinks with our meals.

I also tested the beef chap and chicken grill from my friend’s dishes. And no wonder, I found those two items palatable too. Also, all the waiters were very amenable, which is always a pleasure to experience, with our necessary desire and arguments.

Overall, It was a delicious food item and nice restaurant indeed and we three enjoyed a great evening there.

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